Travels in Italy: Amalfi Coast – Positano (May 21, 2015)


Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

Our trip with Trafalgar down the Amalfi Coast took us to this quaint town–Positano– overlooking the Bay of Naples.

According to the locals, Positano got its name from this story: a Turkish boat was beached on the shores of the Amalfi Coast. On board, the captain heard the painting of the Virgin Mary whisper to “set her down.” Obeying the request, the captain threw the painting overboard and his boat began to float again. At the location, where the painting came to shore and they built a town to honor that spot. (Reference:

Positioned high on the cliff side, visitors navigate the town via flights of steps. Beginning at the top, the curious visitor can explore the little shops along each side. Positano is famous for its lemon products, hand-made sandals, and fashionable clothing.

Overlooking the Amalfi Coast - Positano

Even in the rain, Positano’s charm still emanates from its colorful and unique architecture. Undoubtedly on a sunnier day, the atmosphere would be more different.


As we made our way down the steps to the beach front, we enjoyed a cone or cup of complimentary ice cream courtesy of our tour as we gazed upon the beach front and the moored boats.





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