Travels in Italy: Amalfi Coast – Sorrento (May 21-22, 2015)


Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

During our visit of the Amalfi Coast, we stayed the nights over at the Johanna Park Hotel– a boutique hotel located on the outskirts of Sorrento. Our hotel provided a free shuttle between a set period of hours that took us downtown and back. Of course, we took advantage of this service on one of the nights to explore the town.

Sorrento, historically, has been known as the land of mermaids and orange and lemon groves. Think back to the legend of Odysseus when he bound himself to the mast of the ship to prevent himself from being lured by the alluring mermaids’ song. The place is a magical paradise for beach goers and tourists wanting a place to relax.



Streets of Sorrento

According to the locals, Sorrento is the place where the alcoholic liqueur called the limoncello is popular as well as other delicious lemon-based desserts. We did try some lemon cake during our trip-sponsored dinner that was mediocre and a bit dry.

They are also masters of woodwork. The master craftsman showed us how he treated the wood and used a stencil to trace the designs on the wood. Then, he showed how he arranged the colored pieces of the design and provided the finishing coating to keep the design in place.


The port of Sorrento is located at the bottom of the cliffside, where one can ride the hydrofoil to the neighboring island of Capri (approximately 20-30 minute duration).




At night, the town of Sorrento is lively with folk going to eat and drink or enjoying the cool night air.



The lights also come on at the ancient city wall.


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