Travels in Italy: Amalfi Coast – Capri (May 22, 2015)




  • Grottos
  • Anacapri (on second level)
Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

The island of Capri is a 20-minute boat ride from the port of Sorrento. The colorful buildings and winding streets lead you across the cliffs toward an awe-inspiring landscape of numerous boats lined up in rows.


There is also an opportunity to visit the coral-colored grottos of Capri (natural masterpieces) by motorboat across the lovely “lapis lazuli lagoon.”


However, it was disappointing since our guide did not take us to see the inside of a grotto.

Elephant Arch

The Saint of the Grotto

He only pointed out points of interest, such as the “Elephant Rock,” “Saint Mary,” and “Lover’s Arch.” It is said if you kiss your loved one under that arch, it will bring good luck.

Lover's Arch

After the cruise around the lagoon, we took the funicular up to the upper part of Capri called Anacapri. Each ride on the funicular costs about 1.50 euros one-way. We strolled around the winding streets looking at the quaint shops and buildings.





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