Travels in Italy: Tuscany – Pisa (May 28, 2015)


Map of Tuscany (Tuscana) region of Italy (courtesy of Google Images)

Map of Tuscany (Tuscana) region of Italy (courtesy of Google Images)

The Tuscany region of Italy is known for red meat, pork, and olive oil. The people of the Tuscany region are also known for their broths and soups that are usually made from beans.

On our way toward Florence, we visited Pisa—an ancient medieval city. The most famous is the Leaning Tower (Torre Pendente).

Construction of the tower began in 1173 on sandy subsoil but the tower tilted before the third story was completed in 1274. The entire structure was completed in 1350 but it became dangerous for the public to venture in.


Today, the tower has been reinforced and the lean decreased by 14 inches. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was known to have performed experiments on the velocity of falling objects at the top of the tower.

Unfortunately, we only had two to three hours here, so we had a quick lunch and only got to explore the grounds near the tower. We were not able to climb to the top of the tower or visit the Duomo and Baptistry.



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