Toronto, Ontario 2018: Other Delectable Chinese Restaurants Part III

During the week of March 31 to April 8, 2018,  my family and I visited Toronto, Ontario. It was simply a homecoming for all of us. The primary reason for our visit was to celebrate my aunt’s 80th birthday and to gather with family and family friends. The majority of the time was spent in Markham and Richmond Hill; both cities are located in the suburbs and centers of the Chinese community in Toronto. Once again, we enjoyed the delicious Chinese food and noted changes since 2013 (our last visit).

For the remaining days that we spent in Toronto, we tried various types of Chinese cuisine.

Elegance Chinese Cuisine & Banquet 雅景豪苑

On my aunt’s actual birthday, together with our extended family, we went to this Chinese restaurant and tried their set meal, consisting of winter melon soup, mustard steak, Peking duck with thin pancake slices, lettuce and crispy rice wraps with a mixed duck meat and nut filling; soy sauce chicken, stir-fried vegetables with bean curb and goji berries; and eggplant with meat claypot.

The food came elaborately decorated, especially the winter melon soup. The taste was mediocre and the food was saltier than expected (especially the eggplant with meat claypot). We did feel that we were not given the entire Peking duck when they finished cutting the crispy skin from it, judging by the size of the dish that we were given. The best dishes were the winter melon soup and the mustard steak for its flavor. Overall, the food was average at best despite the ornate atmosphere of the restaurant.

Winter Melon Soup

Peking Duck

Mustard Steak

Set Dinner

Eggplant Clay Pot

Address: 20 Gibson Dr, Markham, ON L3R 3K7, Canada

Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant 知味齋

My father’s university friend and his family took us out to a Chinese-style vegetarian restaurant in Richmond Hill. There are many items on the menu that are very similar to what you find on a regular Chinese menu. We ordered the vegetarian combination platter (Char siu, sausage, tofu, bean curd), mushroom soup, fried eel, mixed vegetable, mushroom and tofu platter; sweet and sour pork; Thousand Islands mustard steak, beef and vegetable dish; Cantonese fried noodles and spicy soybeans.

It was quite amazing that the chefs were able to prepare the “meat” and present it as if it were actual meat. The dishes were all flavorful and masterfully created to resemble the original Chinese dishes. Highly recommended.

Vegetarian Combination (Char siu, sausage, tofu, bean curd)

Vegetarian Mushroom Soup

Fried Vegetarian Eel

Mushroom and Tofu Platter

Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Pork

Vegetarian Thousand Islands Mustard Steak

Vegetarian Meat and Vegetable Dish

Cantonese Fried Noodles

Soybean Dish

Bayview Court Restaurant

For our last dinner, we went to dinner with my father’s university friend and his family. We ordered the Rice in a Stone Pot, Soy Sauce Duck, Fried Noodles, Melon Soup, Chicken with Long Beans, Beef Clay Pot, and steamed flounder in black bean sauce. The dishes were well flavored, especially the flounder, and the soup was very refreshing. Overall, it is a decent place for dinner.

Rice Stone Pot, Soy Sauce Duck, Fried Noodles, Melon Soup, Chicken with Long Beans, and Beef Clay Pot

Black-Bean Steamed Flounder