2020 Resolutions

Guano Point, Grand Canyon (West Rim), Arizona

Guano Point, Grand Canyon (West Rim), Arizona (2013)

2019 was a very trying year from learning how to manage difficult people and situations at work to balancing obligations with a professional association to minor health problems. I have made 3 trips: New York, Toronto, and Guangdong province in China and Hong Kong. I, unfortunately, only completed 10 books. The rest of time was spent reading material for continuing education credits. I tried to implement more self-care, such as monthly massages and facials. The results were half-successful. Creativity-wise, I published an essay in the Legacies anthology, completed the Japan travel journals, and transferred my photos to Google Photos.

Towards the end of 2019, things seemed to be looking up at work with new changes taking place despite the injury I got from work. In addition, I minimized my digital accounts and apps in effort to decrease social media usage and smartphone dependence. Thus far, it has helped reduced unnecessary stress and constant connectivity. Hopefully, things will continue positively as 2020 starts off.

My resolutions for 2020:

  1. Exercise 3-4 times weekly (running, walking, hiking).
  2. Read daily for 15-20 minutes and complete Popsugar 2020 challenge. [20% on the 2019 challenge 😦 ]
  3. Do 1 continuing education assignment every 2 weeks minimum.
  4. Write something this year.
    1. Complete travel journals for Korea (2017), and China (2018 and 2019).
    2. Write a new story.
  5. Participate in an art project (photography or sketching)– 1 per week. [Completed – Mosstober October 15 to 31, Art in the Time of Corona]
  6. Learn Mandarin Chinese.
    1. 1 lesson from Living Language every week.
    2. 1 lesson from writing Chinese characters every day.