Summary of 2022 in Art and Photography

Template courtesy of TheArtArmature

During 2022, I have completed artwork during 7 out of the 12 months (58%). All art is done traditionally using Sakura micron pens, Copic markers, and colored pencils. The majority of the characters depicted in these images are from Japanese animation or manga series, except for the animals and the dragon girl in the November entry. I plan on continuing to create art during 2023.

Template courtesy of TheArtArmature

In 2022, I have been to a few places in New York (NYC, Albany, Staten Island, and Brooklyn), Gillette Castle in Connecticut, and Montreal, Canada. However, I have been lazy and used my Samsung S21 Ultra+ to take the majority of the photos. I plan on going back to using my Sony camera to take photos for 2023.

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