ARTS: Tracing the Past, Drawing the Future: Master Ink Painters of 20th Century China

Exhibition ran from February 17 to July 4, 2010

The Cantor Arts Center in Stanford University hosted on March 7, 2010 an exhibition on the traditional Chinese ink paintings by the “Four Great Masters of Ink Painting” of the 20th century: Wu Changshuo (1844-1927), Qi Baishi (1864-1957), Huang Binhong (1865-1955), and Pan Tianshou (1897-1971). This exhibit’s selection shows how Western influence and China’s political turbulence in early 20th century affected artists’ expression since the end of the Qing dynasty in 1911.

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ARTS: Literary Event: Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, OR)

Ashland, Oregon (May 16-18)- the least expected place to contain so much literary love amidst a startling landscape and humble community. The proof lies in the shops that dotted the main street with souvenirs honoring the great playwright, Shakespeare, and used books starting from the 1900s at bargains of “3 for $1.00” or “$3.00 a book.” It was simply heartwarming to my literary soul to see so much appreciation for fine arts. The town itself is a pleasant mixture of the old and the new with a wide variety of restaurants from Greek to Thai. Undoubtedly, it is a place set to be explored and to be welcomed.

As for the plays, it is difficult to recall the emotions I have felt while watching them as such emotions are usually evoked at the performance itself. It is with these recollections that I piece together this review and synopsis of these beautiful stage plays.

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