Webserial Review: Tales of the Big Bad Wolf, Volume 1: Red Riding Hood Arc

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf

The first arc, Red Riding Hood, of SG Lee’s web  serial—The Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – has ended as of February 3, 2013. This particular story is loosely based on the Grimm fairytale and centers on the iconic triad: Red Riding Hood, Wolf, and Hunter. Elanore Redley is a traveling healer who makes her way to Winchester village in the Northlands to care for her ailing grandmother, wife of the late mayor. Along the way, she encounters an Unthing and learns more about them when she meets the reclusive Count Maximilian Wolfram. At the same time, Hunter Edmund Ormond must resolve his feelings with Elanore and discover the truth behind his past. Through her interactions with the Wolframs, the townsfolk, and the mysterious lady of the snow, Elanore and Edmund discover that they may hold the key in stopping the Unthings. Continue reading