Reflection & 2021 Resolutions

Happy 2021

2020 was a year of challenges and changes. It was a test of one’s character and perseverance. For me, it taught me to step back and reflect; to encourage patience when faced with the unknown (at work and at home), and to build new habits to reduce anxiety and stress. From all of this, I learned to change my worldview and to accept that there are things that one cannot control. Thus, one has to make the best of their situation. I developed new habits, such as gardening with my mother and listening to the news every night.

In 2020, I have read 37 books (e-books and paperbacks), studied Chinese on Duolingo regularly, and participated in 2 art challenges (Mosstober October 15th to 31st and Art in the Time of Corona). While I did not do much writing, I helped my father complete our family tree and discovered a few famous ancestors. As for career development, I attended virtually ASCP Annual in November and completed other continuing education courses on a regular basis.

This year I plan to continue building on the same habits and perhaps work on a writing project. It helped that I use Habitica, a productivity app that helps one keep motivated to complete goals by “gamify[ing] [one’s] life.”

  1. Read daily for 15-20 minutes and complete Popsugar 2021 challenge. [37 of 50 books in 2020]
  2. Do 1 continuing education assignment every 2 weeks minimum.
  3. Write something this year.
    1. Complete travel journals for Korea (2017), and China (2018 and 2019).
    2. Write a new story.
  4. Participate in an art project (photography or sketching)– 1 per week or daily challenge.
  5. Practice Chinese Mandarin daily on Duolingo for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Do 1 stress-free activity per week.

How was your 2020? What are some of your goals/resolutions for 2021?

Mosstober 2020 Half-Marathon

My first Mossery journal with dotted paper (not shown)

Trying out the Mosstober2020 challenge using a Mossery journal (which I planned to do mainly light sketching and writing). You are able to personalize the cover of your choice with your name or favorite emoji; and choose the type of paper: plain, dotted, or lined. The paper is very smooth and seems to handle Sakura pens and color pencils well without bleeding through the page. The best part of all is when you have finished the entire notebook, you can purchase a refill to replace it.

If you are interested in purchasing one, click on this link to get $10 off your purchase.

Below are my drawings. See prompt list.

I managed to complete the challenge, although many are sketches. My personal goal was to try to draw every day, whether it was a sketch or finished piece. In the end, I felt much more relaxed and eager to let my ideas flow onto the paper. I will consider doing another art challenge next year.

Art in the Time of Corona – September 2020

With the pandemic continuing to rage on, we see a light in the darkness — Elsa, the Snow Queen, from Frozen.

Next, a hungry lion spots a bamboo steamer filled with xiao long bao! There is a blank lion for you to color in the “Downloads” section.

Colorful flowers for one of my aunts.

Art in the Time of Corona – August 2020

As we continue into August, we meet Wall-E, who finds an important discovery that may save the world (for a pharmacist friend)! Next, we watch the Karasuno High School boys volleyball team and see how the libero, Yu Nishinoya, guards his team. Then, a fellow metal horse celebrates a milestone birthday of 90 years of age.

Snoopy and Woodstock springs by, bringing happiness as they go!

Calvin and Hobbes reach Lion Rock in Hong Kong!

Art in the Time of Corona – July 2020

And we continue into July with some more artwork. I had a lot of fun reimagining one of my younger cousins as a batter with a ham hock for my aunt. It was also exciting to draw Elisa Swann‘s character and her favorite characters, Totoro (Studio Ghibli) and Lily (Animal Crossings: New Horizons).