Travels in Italy: Umbria – Assisi (May 23, 2015)

View of Perugia Landscape from Mt. Subasio

Umbria is a region of Italy that was founded by the Etruscans. Perugia, one of the cities in the region, is known for their chocolate.

Map of Umbria, Italy

Map of Umbria, Italy


  • Basilica de San Francesco
  • Church of Santa Chiara

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

Assisi, Italy

Assisi is the home of Saint Francis, who founded the strict Franciscan order devoted to God and helping the poor and sick.

San Francesco (St. Francis) of Assisi

The medieval town and Basilica de San Francesco are located at the peak of the serene Mount Subaso, presenting a splendid view of the rolling greenery of the valley below. The day we visited the weather was rainy. We followed our tour guide, Giuseppe, up the slope into the basilica.

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