TRAVEL: Lantau Island 大嶼山 and Tai-O 大澳, Hong Kong (September 25, 2015)

Lantau - View from Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Lantau Island (大嶼山)

  • Ngong Ping 360
  • Po Lin Monastery
  • Tian Tan Buddha
  • Wisdom Path 

Ngong Ping 360 is one of Hong Kong’s newest attractions. The cable car takes you from the terminal in Hong Kong to Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island, allowing an aerial view of the lush verdant landscape surrounding the bronze Tian Tan Buddha. At Ngong Ping village, you can explore the various attractions: Walking with Buddha and Motion 360.

Ngong Ping 360 Village

Nearby you can ascend several steps to the Tian Tan Buddha surrounded by various deities presenting offerings to the Buddha.

Lantau - Road to Big Buddha

Big Buddha's Deities & Their Offerings

Erected in 1993, the Tian Tan Buddha, according to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, faces north toward mainland China. The statue is modeled after the sculptures found in the Longmen Grottoes, which date from the Northern Wei to early Tang dynasties. Continue reading

Dazu, Sichuan: The City of Builders and Solar Energy


Dazu, Sichuan at sunrise [© BMCL]

Dazu, Sichuan at sunrise [© BMCL]

Dazu is regarded in Sichuan as the “county of rock carving.”

August 9, 2012

Upon entering Dazu, we are greeted by two rows of street lights with lotus-shaped solar panels and modern buildings flanking both sides of the road. My first impression of the city was simply amazement that this city was highly advanced and eco-friendly. According to our tour guide, this city is known for hardware manufacturing, craftsmanship (especially carving), and Buddhism. The other provinces primarily export building materials and tools from Dazu to build houses and buildings.

Construction of skyscrapers at Dazu, Sichuan [© BMCL]

Construction of skyscrapers at Dazu, Sichuan [© BMCL]

After refreshing ourselves at the hotel, our guide explained that our Sichuan experience would not be complete without trying traditional hotpot. We were thus treated to the local cuisine. The set menu was a Chinese herbal soup with old duck meat, gai choy, ham, and golden thin mushrooms.

Herbal hotpot [© BMCL]

Herbal hotpot [© BMCL]

Note:When trying unfamiliar soup bases, it may be advisable to avoid drinking too much of the soup since your body is not used to it. Point. I had traveler’s diarrhea during my transit from Dazu to Chongqing, which made sightseeing unpleasant for me.

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