Toledo, the Fortressed City

Visited on June 13, 2011. Toledo is located in the Castile-La Mancha region.

Panoramic View of Toledo

Panoramic View of Toledo


  • La Puerta de Bisagra
  • Town Hall
  • Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo
  • Fundación El Greco, the location of The Burial of Count Orgaz mural
  • Santa María la Blanca
  • Bridge of San Martin (west)
  • Puente de Alcántara (east)
Streets of Toledo

Streets of Toledo

We had woken up early at 6:30AM to head to the city of Toledo—a fortressed city approximately one hour from Madrid. Located along the Tagus River, the longest river in Spain, Toledo is known world-wide for its steel making and leather working. Local hotels in Toledo are called las cigarrales, Spanish-style country houses; in the past, nobles would stay at these “stately country houses” for recreation. In the past, Toledo was the Visigoth’s capital. The city was conquered by Alfonso VI during the Reconquista of Spain.
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