Travels in South Korea 2017 – Overview

Political Map of Republic of Korea [South Korea] (Map from Nations Online Project)

During my visit to South Korea on October 5 to 13, 2017, I had the pleasure of going with my family on a guided tour from Hanatour. We explored Seoul, and then traveled to the western part of Korea and to Jeju Island.

Below is the itinerary that we followed.

  • October 5 to 6: Seoul (서울)
  • October 7: Gongju (공주시) – Daejeon (대전)
  • October 8: Jeongju (전주시) – Jinan (진안군) – Gwangju (광주시)
  • October 9: Boseong (보성군) – Suncheon (순천시) – Yeosu (여수시)
  • October 10: Yeosu (여수시) – Jinju (진주시)
  • October 11 to 13: Jeju Island (제주도)

Before diving into the travel journals, I personally recommend reading the following overview of South Korea’s history.

Xinglong Art by Raichana

“Korean history is quite complex! You can continue reading below the cut, or if you really want to skip ahead, click on the city name that you are interested in reading about.”

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