Travels in South Korea 2017 – Gongju 공주시 – Daejeon 대전 (October 7)

Attractions List:

  • Magoksa Temple (마곡사)
  • Ancient Tombs in Songsan-ri – Royal Tomb of King  Muryeong (무령왕릉)
  • Gongju National Museum (국립공주박물관)
  • Gongsanseong Fortress (공산성)

After enjoying the splendors of Seoul, we joined the next tour that explored the western part of Korea, starting in Gongju (공주시) city located in the eastern part of Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong) Province. Gongju (previously named Ungjin) was the ancient capital of the Baekje kingdom during 475-538 A.D. The city lies on the banks of the Geumgang River and is surrounded by two beautiful mountain ranges: Charyeongsan Mountain Range in the north and Gyeryongsan Mountain in the southeast.

Flowers blooming at Magoksa Temple (마곡사), Gongju, South Korea

Huddled in the mountains are various historical sites related to the Baekje kingdom. Our first stop was Magoksa Temple (마곡사), the main temple of the 6th diocese of the Jogye order of Buddhism in Korea. Founded in 643 by Precepts Master Jajang under the patronage of Queen Seondeok, the temple is a charming sight, especially in the spring and autumn.

Taehwacheon Stream before Magoksa Temple (마곡사), Gongju, South Korea

The Taehwacheon Stream flows in front of the temple, giving the temple grounds a peaceful atmosphere. It is speculated that the name of this temple was dedicated to the preceptor monk, Magok Bocheol, who had attracted crowds of visitors to this temple in ancient times.

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