Travels in Italy: Amalfi Coast – Pompeii (May 21, 2015)


Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

Amalfi Coast schematic map (courtesy of Exploring the Amalfi Coast)

Pompeii is located along the present-day Amalfi Coast, which extends from Naples to Salerno overlooking the Bay of Naples. In historic times, it was the Roman city that fell to the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The city served as an example of Roman lifestyle—a resort for the wealthy but also a place of corruption and class distinction. Slaves served the wealthy by working in factories, artisan shops, taverns, and bathhouses. When the city was first evacuated in 1748, the city was found to be preserved with the buildings and fallen figures frozen in place.


Today, the majority of the site has been evacuated and is available for viewing.


Temple of Jupiter


While the ruins were fascinating and well preserved, it seems that we are not able to see as much of the site as before in the 1970s. Personally, if you enjoy Roman history, this site is worth visiting.

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