Art in the Time of Corona – September 2020

With the pandemic continuing to rage on, we see a light in the darkness — Elsa, the Snow Queen, from Frozen.

Next, a hungry lion spots a bamboo steamer filled with xiao long bao! There is a blank lion for you to color in the “Downloads” section.

Colorful flowers for one of my aunts.

Art in the Time of Corona – August 2020

As we continue into August, we meet Wall-E, who finds an important discovery that may save the world (for a pharmacist friend)! Next, we watch the Karasuno High School boys volleyball team and see how the libero, Yu Nishinoya, guards his team. Then, a fellow metal horse celebrates a milestone birthday of 90 years of age.

Snoopy and Woodstock springs by, bringing happiness as they go!

Calvin and Hobbes reach Lion Rock in Hong Kong!

Art in the Time of Corona – July 2020

And we continue into July with some more artwork. I had a lot of fun reimagining one of my younger cousins as a batter with a ham hock for my aunt. It was also exciting to draw Elisa Swann‘s character and her favorite characters, Totoro (Studio Ghibli) and Lily (Animal Crossings: New Horizons).

Art in the Time of Corona – June 2020

To lighten the hearts of those fatigued by the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, I offered to draw the favorite character(s) of friends and family and then mailed the original artwork to them free of charge. Many have responded favorably, saying that the drawing made them “relive their childhood” and feel happier.