Peñíscola and Valencia

Peñíscola, Valencia

Visited on June 18, 2011. Located in Castellón province in the Comunidad Valencia.

Beach of Peñíscola

Beach of Peñíscola

Attraction Checklist:

  • El Castillo de Papa Luna/Castle of Papa Luna

As a small seaport located on the northern beaches of the Comunidad Valencia in the province of Castellón, Peñíscola may seem as if this place is of little consequence, only a resort town for the locals and tourists. What one may not know is that it was the filming site for the castle scenes in the movie, El Cid (1961). The famous sight is El Castillo de Papa Luna (Castle of Papa Luna) originally built in 1294-1307 by the Templar Knights. When the castle was under the crown in 1420, the Avignon pope, Benedict XIII (“el Papa Luna”), resided there, giving the castle its present name.

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